Believe in a beautiful life!


Our dream begins in the beautiful village of Northport, NY.  My daughter Elaine and myself are going to open a home accessories and interior design store.  This has been a dream of ours for a very very long time.  We have spent decades scouring yard sales,estate sales, curbsides, dumpsters and the like.  We have no shame when it comes to finding a bargain or resurrecting trash into treasure.  I have always had a love of home decorating and Elaine made both of our dreams come true when she graduated from the four year interior design program at FIT in NYC.   Elaine is  a wonderfully talented designer with a great eye for color.  ( I like to think she got some of this from me although she would never admit it!)

This blog is a photo journal of our experience. We hope to inspire both you and ourselves through this journey.

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